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Need some genealogy help?

Ayrshire Ancestors are here to assist you in a variety of different ways.

Genealogy can be a very rewarding hobby but frustrating at times when that elusive ancestor just DISAPPEARS.... At this point you can engage the services of Ayrshire Ancestors. As firm believers of Do-It-Yourself genealogy we would refrain from family line searches concentrating on "specific" problematic Ayrshire searches. Limiting our service to just problematic searches allows us to devote more time to cracking the difficult cases and providing more research material. Our knowledge base is also particularly good with Ayrshire-Irish Ancestors. In order to help your research, we provide some Ayrshire Name Search facilities both free and fee paying. For a small fee you could have three months duration of unlimited on-line access to named Ayrshire cemetery monumental inscriptions. These inscriptions are invaluable and are often a key to aid further research. Some Ayrshire cemeteries have over 1200 headstones containing many thousands of names and individuals details. The Ayr Advertiser project is now under way with digitising Birth, Death & Marriage (BDM)entries. Selected years from 1834 onwards are now available to view online. Further plans include providing previously researched BDM information online. Check out the FREE 1851/61 Ayrshire Census Index look-up facility, it is particularly helpful and can only be accessed on-line here at Ayrshire Ancestors.

In addition to research we can offer individuals and organisations assistance to produce genealogical products. A significant amount of "much sought after" data is currently only available in primitive formats. We at Ayrshire Ancestors can help transform data into Web/CD Rom based formats with our Microsoft Professional and Chartered Engineer qualified team.

Look out that data, decide a format and we will assist to provide a solution - PDF, Web Search-Engine, Software Front-End, Electronic Book (E-Book), Access Runtime etc. Please for further details.



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Coming Soon - more Ayr Advertiser BDM entries.

McSkimming Siblings Aircraftman 1st Class - William S Goodman Aircraftman 1st Class - William S Goodman

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